Monday, January 6, 2014

Tie Dye Diva Retirement Party!

Okay, Okay, Okay... cool your jets! Jen at Tie Dye Diva is still going to be making new patterns and designs for all of us! But she is retiring 11 patterns. As a big send-off, she's giving you one last chance to buy them all at once at one low price of $15!

So those pants third from the top on the left? I LOVE those! I love them so much that I bought the pattern and have made multiple ones! I have several of the other patterns as well, but those pants are a MUST! They have a skinny tapered leg. They have options for pockets that hide all kinds of treasures. I love the details you can add with bias tape (the pattern includes a tutorial for making your own ON THE BIAS) or ruffles on the pockets. You can add ruffles to the legs. You can make the waistband with contrasting fabric. The possibilities are endless! So here are a few of the Snazzy Pants I've made. 

First, the pants... Both of these were constructed before I started my business, so photography was minimal... this are phone pics pulled from my FB page!

Then there's the shorts... Colin LOVES this style! The pockets are his favorite. He no longer wants pants or shorts without pockets! I love the details you can add with contrasting fabrics! And the pockets only take a little bit!

So head over before the 11th so you can get the 11 pattern bundle for only $15! 

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