Saturday, January 18, 2014

Swizzle Sticks Sleeve Add-on

Candy Castle Patterns has done it again! First, let's look at the Princess Dress, which is one of my favorites.

Look at that gorgeous, slim-fitted sleeve. While it is beautiful, it doesn't really fit every body type. Candy Castle Patterns just released a new version of sleeves, yes, multiple sleeves! This new Swizzle Sticks Sleeves pattern will work on both the Candy Castle Princess and the Peppermint Swirl dresses.

I was lucky enough to test one of the options for the new sleeve pattern. I added the short sleeve option without elastic to the Princess dress without the top skirt. This is my daughter's Easter dress!

The sleeve options include a long sleeve with or without a ruffle and with or without shirring (and faux shirring) and then short sleeves with or without elastic. You can mix and match to your heart's content.

I know what you're thinking, $4 for a sleeve add-on? The dress patterns are priced very reasonable at $8 and each of those already has quite a few variations included. The new sleeve pattern adds MANY more options to that! It has it's own drafted, nested pattern pieces. The instructions for each option are so detailed that it would add far too many pages to each pattern to update them both. Candy Castle Patterns put many hours into drafting, designing, photographing, and revising these sleeve options that it's only natural that she would want a small compensation for it. I mean, when we sew an item to sale, we do want to get paid for our time and supplies both, right? Pattern designers only ask the same. So head on over and get your Swizzle Sticks sleeve option!

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