Thursday, September 26, 2013

Candy Castle Princess Dress

I've been admiring Candy Castle Patterns for a while now. I love the looks with her Bubblegum Dress and Jelly Bean Skirt. So when I saw that she was looking for testers for her new PRINCESS dress, I jumped. Actually, I squealed with delight and then filled out the applicant form. I was extremely excited when I opened my e-mail and I was chosen as a tester. YIPPEE!!!

This dress has so many options. You could make it 4 different ways are still have a new look with each one. Sized 6 months through 10 years, this dress works for a long time! With the scalloped top skirt, you can easily replicate Sofia the First for Halloween! I decided to go with these holiday inspired fabrics instead...

The front bodice doesn't dip too low even for this little size 18mo princess. The back bodice mimics the front and has options for both button or snap closures.

The back has a large loose bow that tops off 2 layers of skirts. Now I was ahead of the game for once and my under skirt is longer than the finished pattern, but I think it looks great on this dress with a pettiskirt underneath.

The pattern comes with FOUR sleeve options!!! I chose elbow length for this dress. The other sleeve options include long, short puffed, and sleeveless.

The skirts also allow for multiple options. I chose to go all out with ruffles. You could use lace and do a hemmed under skirt with this pattern as well. I will be honest, there are a LOT of ruffles on even this size 18mo dress!

Here's the best part... $8! This pattern is now available for purchase! Go get it here.  

I very much enjoyed this pattern and would like to say a special thanks to Candy Castle Patterns for allowing me to test. I'd also like to send a special thanks to Amber Sycz Photography

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pressing Seams Eas{il}y

"Take the panels to the iron and press up a half-inch seam all along the bottom edge of both panels." HOW many times do you grown and grumble as you tote your ruler and project to the ironing board? When I use my ruler, I always end up with singed finger tips... but that's just me. No body else in the world ever has the same problem, right? But if you do, I've got a better way!

When I first made a pair of Easy Fit Pants, I was excited about the folding template that came with it! It made pressing those hems and waistbands SO much easier! At first, I only used the template for the Easy Fit Pants, but then I started making my own lines on it and using it for other patterns. I LOVE Brownie Goose patterns... so this is how I used the template with this pair of Lola Bells.
First, I pressed the serged bottom edge up a half inch to create my hem. I already have the .5 line on this template. 

Next, I want to press the waistband casing. This template doesn't yet have a two inch line, so I used my ruler than I despise for folding to create another line. 

Then it's back to the ironing board to press the waistband down two inches. If you're a BG pattern aficionado, you're probably wondering why in the world am I pressing the waistband down BEFORE joining the front and back panels. Well, I despise ironing in the 'round' about as much as pressing with my ruler. So I create memory creases before sewing and then I don't have to press it again! 

There you go. If you're looking for a good template, Carla from The Scientific Seamstress has a free downloadable one on her blog! Get it here