Friday, January 3, 2014

National Month of ... W h a t ?

So I've been Googling... Yes, I know it can be dangerous. I did it anyway. I came across a blog post about creative content ideas for January. I skimmed it until I got down to the section titled "Celebrations by Month." Woah! SIXTY-FIVE items listed for January!

I read each and every one. Some were very good to raise awareness for causes: Blood Donor, Glaucoma Awareness, Braille Literacy, Poverty in America Awareness, Cervical Health Awareness, Personal Self-defense Awareness, Eye Care, Thyroid Disease, National Birth Defects Awareness and probably several more but I got tired of listing.

Then there are some others that are just plain odd. Did you know that January is also National Candy, Hot Tea, Oatmeal, Egg, Fiber Focus, Soup, Rescued Bird, Mail Ordering Gardening (I KID YOU NOT!), Meat, Apples & Apricots, Artichokes & Asparagus, Polka Music, Bread Machine Baking, Skating, Prune Breakfast, Self Love, and Walk Your Pet Month? Prune Breakfast Month? I think I'll pass on that one. I mean, I enjoy a good prune every now and then, but not for breakfast every morning for 31 days.

My favorite by far is that January is National Hobby Month. Sigh. Yes, hobby. Wait, just one hobby? What if you have more than one hobby? What if I can't even count all my hobbies? So let's see...

  • Sewing (Duh! Do people still say duh? I do, so I hope people still do!)
  • Reading (Yes, that's a wonderful hobby! Books rock!)
  • Baking (although I hate doing dishes...)
  • Knitting (I don't do near enough of this now!)
  • Crocheting (I'm still fairly new to this craft.)
  • Photography (That new DSLR camera has me loving photography!)
  • Gaming (Okay, not so much mine as my 5 year old son's, but he does make me play games with him, so it's turned into something that takes up more of my time.)
  • Listing (Is this a hobby? I tend to make more and more lists but never know what to do with them!)
  • Watching TV/Movies (Yes, it's a hobby! I love film and television!)

Wow, that's a nice list! However, now that I look at it, I think I need to add more active hobbies. I used to love going to the gym. I used to love Zumba. I used to love running. I still miss running. I want to run again. I want to love working out again. I want to be healthy again! I want to add more family things to my list of hobbies. Okay, maybe more hobbies that the family can share.

So here's to changing my list of hobbies in 2014. I'm going to check back next January and see if my list has changed. What are your hobbies?

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