Friday, October 18, 2013

Rapunzel: The Everyday Princess Dress

Halloween is JUST around the corner... yes, despite all the Christmas stuff you see in stores,  we still have Halloween up first! My friend Megan, owner of Made for Mermaids, is coming out with her Everyday Princess Dress Collection. Minnie, Cinderella, and now Rapunzel are out in time for quick dresses before Halloween!

I had the pleasure of testing Rapunzel for my baby girl. She LOVES Rapunzel! Her bedding is Rapunzel! So I jumped when when I saw the testing call for this dress!

I attempted to sew it up late one night and totally screwed up the center bodice piece placement. I'm still scratching my head over why I thought it looked right before I serged and top stitched... but it was finished before I figured it out! So the bodice insert piece SHOULD be wider at the top and narrower at the bottom to give the illusion of a narrow waist, like the princess. ;)

I plan on making another dress, but I've got to finish up some orders first. It could be the 30th by the time I make her another dress...

This dress pattern prints out very easily! It went together easily and includes pattern pieces for several fabric flowers! The tutorial is full of pictures illustrating every step of the way! She even added extra wording to ensure that you won't make my mistake as easily as I did (meaning it's even more difficult to NOT recognize that you're putting a piece in upside down!).

The tutorial shows you exactly how to do those pretty little sleeve and bodice details. It also discusses elastic and how to judge what you're using and if you should make adjustments to the suggested lengths based on the type of elastic you're using.

Let's talk headbands... This one comes with tutorials for 2 types of flowers AND the measurements for headbands! SWEET! I add my flowers to a clip and add a loop to the headband so you can clip any hair bow to it.

This dress is constructed from 100% cotton fabrics so will last far longer than those store-bought costumes that are really only meant for a few hours of use on Halloween night before they fall apart. MY plan is to sew up all the Everyday Princess Dresses, add them to a trunk, and give it to her as a Christmas present. She LOVES to dress up! This way she can play dress up all year long and I don't have to continue replacing or repairing flimsy store-bought dresses!

So run over and grab the Rapunzel pattern before Tuesday while it's on sale for only $4!! Then favorite Made for Mermaids so you catch all her future Everyday Princess dresses as well! 

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