Friday, September 20, 2013

Pressing Seams Eas{il}y

"Take the panels to the iron and press up a half-inch seam all along the bottom edge of both panels." HOW many times do you grown and grumble as you tote your ruler and project to the ironing board? When I use my ruler, I always end up with singed finger tips... but that's just me. No body else in the world ever has the same problem, right? But if you do, I've got a better way!

When I first made a pair of Easy Fit Pants, I was excited about the folding template that came with it! It made pressing those hems and waistbands SO much easier! At first, I only used the template for the Easy Fit Pants, but then I started making my own lines on it and using it for other patterns. I LOVE Brownie Goose patterns... so this is how I used the template with this pair of Lola Bells.
First, I pressed the serged bottom edge up a half inch to create my hem. I already have the .5 line on this template. 

Next, I want to press the waistband casing. This template doesn't yet have a two inch line, so I used my ruler than I despise for folding to create another line. 

Then it's back to the ironing board to press the waistband down two inches. If you're a BG pattern aficionado, you're probably wondering why in the world am I pressing the waistband down BEFORE joining the front and back panels. Well, I despise ironing in the 'round' about as much as pressing with my ruler. So I create memory creases before sewing and then I don't have to press it again! 

There you go. If you're looking for a good template, Carla from The Scientific Seamstress has a free downloadable one on her blog! Get it here


  1. Um...where have you been all my life?!?! ;) This is GENIUS! Using this tonight!

    1. I know, right?!?!? Tell Carla thanks as well! I never would have tried it if it weren't for her pattern!