Thursday, August 1, 2013

Introducing... Brynn's Blue Bells

I love jeans. Next to yoga pants, they're my favorite things to wear. My little girl does not like them. I bought all these cute little jeans last year after she potty trained and she hated wearing them. This year, I vowed to not waste my money and stuff she wouldn't wear!

Then I found this pattern... lovely! Brownie Goose does amazing things with clothing design. The Sleepy Jeans feature gorgeously full ruffles and wide legs and a super comfy elastic waistband. Those are the things my daughter hates about standard jeans. She does NOT like when the front of the pants pushes in on her tummy (unlike us, she's not yet learned that beauty isn't painless) and she hates when she can't move as freely as she can when she's wearing leggings or a dress. These jeans solve that problem!

What makes this pattern different from every other ruffle pants pattern? Well, the fit for one. These do have a lower rise in the front and a better 'seat' in the back. They have nice, full ruffles. Finally, the details. It's all about the details that kick this pattern up to the next level.

So check them out below. Right now, they only go up to a size 5, but I've heard rumors that Amy may release extended sizes sometime in the future... cross your fingers! Get a pair like these on Etsy HERE or shoot me a message on Facebook to design a custom look for your little girl! These would be darling with back pockets and I love the button tab design from the pattern photo...

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  1. super cute...and you are so ruffles ever!