Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Outtakes

Okay, sorry for not posting in a while... life got extremely busy! Anyway, yesterday my Dad called to chat. He wanted to say how much he was enjoying seeing all the adorable pictures of little Miss Jenna. He then said something that cracked me up... "She must love getting all dressed up and smiling for the camera!"

Umm, no. She loves getting dressed up, but that's not usually the outfit I have planned for her... When I do a photo shoot, it consists of me chasing her around with the camera and trying to keep the dog and other children out of the shot. SHE chooses what shoes and sometimes what shirt she wears in the pics... So if you see an adorable little girl in a to-die-for dress but she's wearing Crocs... don't judge the mother! Maybe those Crocs were the only things getting the girl to stand still and smile for the camera!

So today, since apparently my Dad thinks she stands there and looks all cute every second of the day, I decided to share some of the outtakes... You know, the pics that generally never get uploaded to the internet if they make it off the camera? The 'captions' are below each pic! Enjoy!

The Stats: This 'photo shoot' lasted less than 10 minutes and I uploaded 46 images off the camera.

She looked down at the ground and saw a wilted flower... She threw a little fit... The camera caught it!

She saw what Mommy didn't... Colin was climbing into the back of Daddy's truck... This is all the camera caught once she decided to join him!

This was funny... I said, "Hold still just a sec, I want to get the buttons in the pic." SHE says, "OH! I have BUTTONS!" ... The camera caught her hand investigating those buttons!

Umm, big brother found a stick and then she decided to stick out her tongue... The camera caught more than enough for one night. This was the last image on the camera tonight... At this point, I herd everyone back inside and say a little prayer that I got one or two good images I can edit and use to list these jeans on Etsy!

Stay tuned for the GOOD pics tomorrow! You know, those pics that make it appear I have a gorgeously well-behaved model for a child. ;) 

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