Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Nelle Sew Along Series: Perfect Bias Tape

Day two of the Sew Along! Okay, for those who love the look of the bias tape on the arm holes but end up with a hot mess, here's Raedene of Chasing Mermaids with her tried and true bias tape method. P.S. I REALLY want a bias tape machine now! Click here ----> LINK!

Repeat from Yesterday: There are some patterns out there that you never get tired of sewing. The Nelle by Brownie-Goose is one of those for me and everyone contributing to this series. This blog series will cover tips, tricks, and over the top add-ons to this classic pattern. Be sure to stay tuned!

DAY ONE: Bias-Less Arm Holes by Lollipops & Paisley
DAY TWO: Perfect Bias Tape by ChasingMermaids
DAY THREE: Twirly Skirt Tutorial by Sewing Sunflowers
DAY FOUR: Ric Rac Details by Lemon drops and Lollipops
DAY FIVE: Buttons, Pockets, and Flowers, Oh My! by Lollipops & Paisley

Now you make think, why should I bother? Well, here's why, Mother Goose (AKA Amy) is going to offer an incentive to participate in the Sew Along! HAPPY DANCE! So there will be 3 ways to enter. First, just anyone who shares with the Brownie-Goose lovers group on Facebook will get a chance to win a free BG pattern, winner drawn via Random.org. Secondly, we'll have a voting contest on the same FB group for fans choice award, prize is a free BG pattern. Lastly, we'll have an Instagram (because who doesn't love IG?) tag contest for a chance to win the third free BG pattern. Just use #nellesewalong to tag your finished project pics. Each finished project will get an entry and winner drawn via Random.org. The Sew Along Blog Series will run 5 days and then we'll give everyone a week to plan projects, sew them, and then post finished pics in the various places. That means this giveaway will close Sunday night on the 16th. We'll leave voting open on the sewing group for 24hrs and then winners announced on the 18th. Please comment below with any questions!

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